South Florida Health and Wellness Programs

Our mission is to empower people to make educated decisions about their mental and physical health by understanding their choices!

Natural Wellness Point is a cutting edge multi-faceted company based in Hollywood, Florida that focuses on health and wellness education in all of its endeavors including team building, seminars, therapies, entertainment and more. Natural Wellness Point is owned and operated by Lawrence Cazan Cassini.

Our programs include:

Corporate Team Building Programs

The staff of Natural Wellness Point will provide an extraordinary educational experience of team building, using innovative, creative, unique and fun ways of communication and bonding with proven results.

Health and Fitness Programs

We conduct alternative health and wellness seminars for the local community on an on-going basis drawing from experts in their field to provide the latest research on exciting and helpful topics.

Florida Panthers Arena

Natural Wellness Point has two permanent locations in the Panthers Arena/Bank Atlantic Center. They include the Private Club and the Budweiser Terrace where attendees line up for relaxation and fun using the Shiatsu chair massage stations and aromatherapy oxygen bars!

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